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At SNYFC, we kindly ask all Parents/Carers to help us out in conveying/sharing with their children (SNYFC youth-Players) 

what follows re. the Club Code of Conduct and the Internal Disciplinary Process.


SNYFC is affiliated to the London Football Association, hence, the Club complies with the "Respect" FA Code of Conduct.

Every week, we attach to the games' email the Code of Conduct pdf (Click here to download),

so that everyone involved in the beautiful game (all of us) can remember what required as best practice in Football's behaviour.


In order to avoid misunderstandings and to avoid the unpleasant scenarios of disciplinary procedures going forward,

we, SNYFC, ask for your cooperation in conveying/sharing info on what follows:


  • the attached SNYFC (and FA) Code of Conduct regulates the best practice's behaviour in all Club's activities:

Matches AND Training Sessions. 


  •   In the unlikely, and not desirable case, of Code of Conduct's breach,

the Club Committee (Secretary, Chairman, Welfare Officer/Head Coach and Coach responsible)

have the authority to impose any of the following sanctions: 


i. An informal warning as to future conduct 

ii. A formal warning as to future conduct (communicated over the phone and in writing)

iii. Suspension from training and/or playing fixtures 

iv. Suspension from Membership 

v. Removal of Membership  


We, SNYFC, hope the CoC pdf (and this page) can clarify any doubts and fill the "lack of knowledge" gap,

confirming that:

All Club's Coaches in general, and the Club's Welfare-Officer in particular,

are fully committed to safeguard, help, support, advise EVERYONE.


Thanks for your time, patience, help, cooperation and ...


... Come on STOKEY!!!

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