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The Club's motto says that "we are stronger when we are together (vis unita fortior)" ... in Football (for sure).
This message of togetherness is crucial to generate positive conditions of success anywhere; and in fact is quite common to many, if not all, associations.
We want to go beyond that.
We would like to build a small utopia via the beautiful game.
We would like to give the opportunity to all Stokey-Players to become better individuals (who can be part of a better Team).
We would like to develop boys and girls able to improve our society and the world we are living in today.
We would like to encourage our Players to get out of their comfort-zone, to try new things they think are difficult to do.
So many of our kids do not realize yet how clever they are and how much they can achieve.
We would like them to control their fears and channel their massive energy towards goals and objectives which can also benefit others.
We would like to enjoy together with our Children "the journey" and ignore (especially for the younger age-groups) what the final outcome could be in a future show-business-football-environment.
Let's encourage our players to take initiatives and controlled risks in the football-pitch.
After all, FOOTBALL is just a metaphor of LIFE.
Stay young, keep dreaming and ...
... come on STOKEY!!!

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